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Buegle Store Pitch

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My name is ........... @ Freestart Plc, How are you? Etc.. Etc... I have something that will be of benefit to your business.

What it is we are working in conjuction with Facebook. We have developed 2 applications inside of facebook called facebook brouchure and facebook store.

In essence it is a brouchure website or ecommerce website embedded within the facebook system. These are fully professional sites which include a voucher (groupon style system) which can be purchased directly from your website or within the facebook platform which is essentially a micosite of your website if you already have one. The service is commission free and there are no listing fee's etc...

This will showcase your business on facebook to potentially thousands of local people without you having to do anything about it.

We have signed up over 10,000 business in the UK and last year over 250,000 business in the States.

The way it works if when someone likes of shares your business every single friend of theirs is informed about it but when you have offers then people spread the word very quickly.

Big companies are getting involved already such as Coca Cola, HMV, French Connection. Even when you turn the TV on these days you always see the facebook Logo.

Does this sound like it could be something of interested.....?

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