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Hi Is that Mr/Mrs ...........

I have something that will be of benefit to your business.

What it is, we have developed a new application that markets you in a very unique way on the social media platforms putting you directly in front of a very specific & targeted audience in your local area. Nearly all companies are seeing the massive benefit of this medium as opposed to the traditional methods such as flyers, leaflets & newspaper ads which are proving very ineffective.

In essence what it is a micro site version of your website embedded within the facebook platform & the best thing is your in full control of it, while we do the initial set up, incorperating your company banner, logo, images & text. Importantly we also provide you with a targeted ad campaign of up to a million ads on facebook.

We will target your ads from 10 miles or up to a 50 mile radius of your local area we are looking only for one of each type of business in each locality.

Freestart will target your niche market by; location, gender, age, likes and interests, marital status, and even education & work!

(example recent new home owners or people that have had babies)

If you run special offers during the year then we include a voucher groupon style system & these can be purchased directly from your website or within the facebook platform.

Their are over 39 million active users in the UK alone so you can see the massive potential.
We have signed well over 12,000 business in the UK and last year over 250,000 business in the States have moved onto this platform.

Big companies are getting involved already such as Apple,  Sky TV & Virgin Media . Even when you turn the TV on these days you always see the facebook Logo.

Does this sound like it could be something that would be of interest to you.....?

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